Creatures of Habit

Bad habits are a funny thing– you don’t really know where they come from, but they hang around like pesky younger siblings that we often end up allowing to exist in a somewhat parasitic relationship (is that a stretch?). Habits aren’t all bad though, good habits and habits of comfort are also prevalent in our lives. I drink a tall, no-room Americano from Starbucks every morning. My boyfriend eats the exact same sub from Subway every time we go. We go to the same brunch spot every Sunday morning. I don’t doubt that habits of comfort and ease occur in our wardrobe choices as well. We are each drawn to certain styles, colours, and fabrics which end up overrunning our closets.

There is nothing wrong with finding something you like that works for you and sticking with it, but you might be missing out. Case in point: the skirt in today’s photos is actually a strapless dress that I would never have picked out because although I like animal print on others, I hardly buy it for myself and when I do, it is never an obvious print. Second, I like ruffles to look at, but tiered ruffles rarely flatter me. Third, even if I disregard reasons 1 and 2, where would I wear a strapless, ruffled, multi-coloured animal print dress? Against the better judgement of my habit, I went home with the dress and it has turned out to be a really fun piece to wear over a sweater or a dress shirt with textured tights and boots. I took my adventure with this dress one step further and discovered that it also works really well as a skirt.

Moral of today’s post? We are creatures of habit, but don’t forget to step outside the circle of habit once or twice to make a discovery and experience something new.

Dress worn as skirt: F21; leather jacket: Danier; boots: Aldo

Happy Friday!



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