Chic Chickies

As promised, here are some adorable examples of stylish baby clothes…yes, yes, the ratio of girl’s to boy’s clothes is unfair but this is a constant even in adulthood, no? Plus, I can’t help being uncontrollably drawn to anything with pink, ruffles, paisley, flower, & polka dot prints!

When did kids clothes become so fashionable?! Honestly, I would most definitely wear this last outfit if it came in my size…but designer jeans, really?!

Channel your inner style-child and inject some youthful playfulness into your look & attitude this week. Happy Monday!


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2 responses to “Chic Chickies

  1. Michelle

    L-O-V-E the outfits! Hmm…why do I get the feeling you and Jay would wear matching outfits with the kids?

  2. Kids clothing are so amazing now! My little sister is waaay more stylish than I am! She seriously has the best outfits, and she’s 8! lol.

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