Pocketful of Dapper

If the clues from my last post led you to the answer of pocket squares, you are absolutely correct! These dandy little accessories are often ignored because they are thought of as old-fashioned, too formal for every day office wear, or just plain perplexing with the myriad of folding styles. I disagree and am a fan of pocket squares because they really allow for some creative suiting options. Adding a pocket square to your suit instantly adds a dash of suave and worldly know-how à la Don Draper. I generally hold the same rules for pairing dress shirts and ties with picking out pocket squares. A solid white square is classic and pairs with every tie and shirt combination. A square that embraces the same family of colours is an easy way to explore patterned and coloured squares. As for different folding techniques, yes, there are indeed a lot of different folds, but a simple google search will bring up many tutorials and videos that walk you through the steps, fold by fold. Today, I will share with you 3 of the more commonly known folds.

One Point Pocket Square Fold

Flat Pocket Square Fold

Puff Pocket Square Fold

Finally, ladies, pocket squares are not just for men! Add a bit of your own pocket square chic for a new corporate wear feel or pair a blazer with jeans and add your own pocketful of chic.

Blazer and silk top: Banana Republic; Jeans: Joe’s Jeans



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3 responses to “Pocketful of Dapper

  1. Thanks for your kind words! Love these images, you are so stylish ❤ I followed you , if you like please follow me back ❤

  2. Love it! Pocket squares are definitely one of those things that need to be resurrected. Too bad men don’t wear suits on a regular basis anymore. I like the idea for women as well.

  3. Love the pocket square! Have you tried the uncommon pocket square folds at
    PocketSquareZ com

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