Hair today, gone tomorrow!

I find myself in yet another hairstyle rut where I feel bored and uninspired by my current do. Now begins my obsession with finding a new style ~ and IF I have an actual hairstyle in mind (most of the time I trust my stylist’s vision), I am very strategic before going to my stylist. Shout out to the fabulous Kiyoshi at Etch! This time, I have been inspired by Olivia Palermo’s latest hair cut. Considering that I currently have very long locks, this longer bob will allow me to make a smooth transition into a shorter style. I also love the subtle color gradient, making her tips a warm auburn. It is advisable to bring in as many images into your stylist in order to ensure that you are pleased with the final product (especially if you are going to a new hair stylist). This is what I will be bringing in once (IF) I decide to commit to this look:

I have had a wide range of hairstyles over the years but each time I think about changing things up, I find myself trying to dig up old photos to see if I’ll actually suit the new look I have selected (I mean, Palermo would look fab with any hairdo). This got me to thinking that it would be a great practice to take a snapshot of each new hairstyle to keep as a future reference…kind of like those InStyle Magazine spotlights where they highlight a celebrity’s changing hairstyle over the years. Here is what I was able to compile from my past photos so far…and from now on I vow to take appropriate photos for such a venture:

Speaking of Olivia Palermo, I would not consider myself a “fan” per se but the girl definitely has style…I love the pops of glamour she has injected into a fairly simple outfit:


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