Pretty in Pink

Here is my day one outfit from my recent Napa Valley getaway. I did not originally intend to wear the stockings and flats but the weather was cool and we had one too many winery tours lined up to wear the strappy and high-heeled sandals I originally intended. As for the flats, I have been meaning to support the Toms movement for some time and I finally found the perfect two pairs at Neiman Marcus. Nordstrom carries Toms for much cheaper but Neiman Marcus has an exclusive selection to choose from. Here is a close up of my pretty pink flats:

Be on the lookout for more of my vaycay looks (and my second pair of Toms) in the posts to come!


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6 responses to “Pretty in Pink

  1. Jay

    I really like TOMS. The fact that they match every pair purchased to give to a child in need is amazing.

  2. jenny

    LOVE TOMS. Bought a pair of army greens two years ago and they’re still oh so comfy. You are deliciously sweet in your outfit Nahri…. can’t wait to see all your other looks on the trip!

  3. Michelle

    You look so pretty….actually you look like you stepped out of a Korean drama!


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