Nail Art

Currently sporting Teenage Dream from Opi’s Katy Perry collection

Just like dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, tending to your nails shows careful and meticulous grooming, albeit often overlooked. Much like clothing trends, nail polish also enjoys seasons of trendiness as “it” colors emerge with every new season. The most pronounced example would be the black nail polish frenzy that overtook young Hollywood then of course penetrated into the rest of the population. Chanel’s Le Vernis Nail Color in Black Satin (colour 219) was sold out everywhere and was virtually impossible to attain. Along with makeup palettes, the latest color trends are forecasted (aka. dictated) by the fashion magazines and for a nominal cost, readers can switch up their look in a flash. Pastels, darks, reds, shimmer, matte, neon, etc. etc. There is a plethora of colors and finishes that come and go…only to come back again. Here is my staple collection that I keep in stock all year round:

Clockwise from top left:

1. Before donning your color(s) of choice, make sure to prep your nails to ensure a long lasting manicure. Use a base coat to protect your natural nail from stains as well as make your nail bed smooth THEN protect your color from dents and scratches with an appropriate top coat (of which there are many to choose from. I use Essie’s No Chips Ahead for added security or Opi’s Top Coat for extra gloss)
2. The classic nail color, red. There are so many reds to choose from so experiment to see what shade matches your skin tone or occasion best! Opi comes out with brilliant reds in a multitude of shades, each with a unique name. I use The Thrill of Brazil and O’Hare & Nails Look Great!
3. Sparkly pinks! The middle one is from Opi’s designer series that channels glamour with a “diamond-dust formula” ~ really?! Basically, it has tiny flecks of silver that add an interesting sheen to an otherwise tame color (Opi’s DS Reserve). The left one is a very sheer light pink for a barely-there-but-still-sparkly look, it’s called Princesses Rule. The right one is from Opi’s Katy Perry collection called Teenage Dreams. Opi comes out with many special edition colors and if you like them, make sure to get them while you can as they don’t always stick around! I’m still trying to track down a festive red color from a past christmas holiday collection!
4. More pinks! Essie is the mecca of pretty pinks and pastels in a more matte finish. Be forewarned that the first coat tends to go on streaky but do not fret because the second coat always smoothes it out nicely. These are two of my favourite pinks and I have yet to find another company that has a more perfect shade of pink. The left one is called Lovie Dovie and the right one is called Castaway which is similar but has a more lavender tone to it.
5. These are two colors from Opi’s Suede collection which goes on completely matte. In order to keep the matte finish, you need to avoid top coats or use one that is specifically designed to be used over the suede line. Left: Ink Suede / Right: Russian Navy Suede.
6. While true black has been utterly popular as of late, if it is a bit too harsh or “young” for you, try a subtler approach with blacks that have a shade of blue, purple or burgundy. For black I use Opi’s Black Onyx, for a tinge of blue I use Opi’s Light my Sapphire, and for a purple hue I use Opi’s Lincoln Park After Dark.
There are so many fun and unique ways to “decorate” your nails~ you can try multicolor, gradient (I wish I had a picture of a manicure I got in Korea where they produced a tie dye effect on my nails from light to dark!), actual designs, jewels and stickers, so be creative and try switching it up!

Pastels: (left to right) Essie’s Ballet Slippers, Essie’s French Affair, Revlon’s Cupid, Revlon’s Electric (don’t be afraid to purchase cheaper brands, especially for “fun” colors that you’ll only wear a handful of times), and Essie’s Nice is Nice.

Try topping your color with some bling! Sephora has a great lacquer in gold (called Only Gold for Me) and silver that I especially like as it has both large and small glitter.

Katy Perry is the queen of funky nail art (she’s sporting candy cane stripes above) and she is highly experimental with her designs. So I was excited to check out her collaboration with Opi and the coolest one is called Black Shatter. Once you paint it over top of any color of your choice, it literally cracks and shatters to reveal the color below! Now how’s that for chic chemistry?! I have heard that it works better after applying the coat immediately after your base coat dries but I don’t personally notice much of a difference. In the left picture, I used Black Shatter over top of a pastel lavender days after drying whereas in the right picture, I applied it immediately after drying on my thumb and index finger (middle finger is the same as left picture), what do you think? One thing is for sure, each time you apply Black Shatter, the design will be unique. Mess around with the base color for varying overall effects!

Happy painting/pointing!



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3 responses to “Nail Art

  1. Michelle

    pretty nails!
    I personally like the glitter nail polishes b/c it hides smudges and chips that occur when you’re always on the go with 2 little ones and washing this or that etc…You can wear the polish longer and don’t have to worry about changing it when there’s a nick. I think it’s a must for mom’s.

  2. john saler

    really those are katy perry nails

    you suck

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