Geek Chic with a Cause

I started wearing glasses in grade 3. At first, it was kind of a novelty. I didn’t have to wear them all the time so come lesson time, I would pull them out and perch them on my nose. It was kind of special since only 1 or maybe 2 other kids in class had glasses. Over the years my eyesight worsened and by the time I was in junior high wearing specs was a full-time gig and I hated it. The styles back then weren’t overly appealing and I just found it so annoying to have this thing on my face all the time. Getting contacts in grade 9 was the highlight of the year despite graduation and moving on to high school. These days I rarely wear glasses and when I do, it is in the comfort of my home. Glasses have come a long way since I was eight and even though I now own a pretty chic pair of Prada specs, I can’t get over how nerdy I felt back then and mostly the discomfort of wearing them. In the last few years, geek chic became mainstream and with it came an innumerable style of glasses that was pretty impressive. One company that has stood out for me is Warby Parker. In the same way that TOMS donates a pair of shoes for every pair purchased, Warby Parker also gives a pair of glasses for every one purchased. Not only that, but all frames are $95 and they will send you up to 5 pairs for free home try-ons. Here are some of my favorite specs for men then women:

From top to bottom: Sinclair, Owen, Begley, Griffin

From top to bottom: Tenley, Winston, Crosby, Nedwin

All images via Warby Parker.

Happy weekend!


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