French Cali

There are numerous terms that define architectural styles; Modern, Classic, Victorian, Ranch, Art Deco, Georgian Colonial, New England Colonial, Cape Cod, California, Tudor, Spanish, Mediterranean, and French Country are just a handful of the types of house types one can reference. As much as I do agree that labels can be restrictive and confusing when over-used, I recently realized that my clothing style is closely linked to my architectural preferences! When in doubt, I opt for classic looks to get me through most of the seasons but then here and there I have spurts of desire for more eclectic styles after being inspired by a vacation, art or individual. Most particularly, my looks evolve with the changing weather; every year when spring-summer rolls around, I find myself being drawn to a completely different style of dress. My closet has been full of structured and sleek lines in bold colors but lately they are being replaced with flowing lace and soft earth tones & pastels. I have identified my winter look to be a cross between sharp and simple Modern with a Classic approach whereas I’ve decided to coin my spring-summer look as “French Cali” as it is a cross between vintage French Country and casual-chic Californian. The perfect shop that defines this look for me right now is Anthropologie which coincidentally also merges fashion with home decor! The next time you step into your abode, look around and consider how your personal style is reflected not only in what you where but where you live! I’d love to hear what “cross-breed” you are this season! Remember, fashion AND home decor become much more interesting when labels and categories are tastefully but creatively blurred and blended! Here is my first official “French Cali” style outfit of the season, whatcha think? Now if only I could change up my house as easily as I can my outfits, French Country in the summer, Colonial in the Fall, Victorian in the Winter and Mediterranean in the spring! Sigh…wouldn’t that be marvelous?!

Sunglasses by Valentino also seen here, orange silk slip by Elle Macpherson Intimates, cream lace top from Anthropologie, orange sweater from Urban Outfitters, necklace from Neiman Marcus, bag by Balenciaga, khaki skirt from Zara.



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