Pretty, Inside & Out

I’ve always been negligent when it comes to underclothes but I’ve recently learned to appreciate the art of dressing well from the inside out. I didn’t see the value of spending money on items that are meant to be covered but I have come to realize that it is the ultimate personal indulgence that can make you feel pretty regardless of what’s on the outside! With the range of selections to choose from, it is hard to resist once the ball gets rolling! Plus, do not underestimate the usefulness of a belly-smoothing chemise with a decorative border or a lace bra, both of which will peek out to compliment your favourite summer tank or dress. Instead of trying to hide your bra this summer, look for colorful or embellished straps that are meant to show without looking like a wardrobe malfunction. To celebrate the recent opening of Victoria’s Secret in Calgary, here are some of my top pics:

Also, don’t limit yourself to lingerie shops, there are plenty of apparel stores that carry beautiful selections of intimates. Both American Eagle Outfitters (Aerie) and Jacob have opened their own line of lingerie stores. Anthropologie also has a lingerie section with pieces from a variety of designers:

There is a wide range of prices out there and the mecca of designer lingerie would be La Perla (see very bottom image) but in between affordable-big-box-stickers and break-the-bank-designer-tags, are many lovely brands such as Eberjey (top right coral set) that deliver beautiful designs at reasonable prices. Here are some of my favourite pieces from Eberjey:

Eberjey has also created an adorable little girls line of clothing and swimwear which is irresistibly cute! See for yourself:

As if La Perla wasn’t high profile enough, they have joined forces with Jean Paul Gaultier to create an exclusive collection (Collection Createur). Here is the Balconette Bra in orange, which was inspired by Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour.



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3 responses to “Pretty, Inside & Out

  1. you’re completely right. it’s amazing how wearing a thong instead of a pair of knickers on a night on really makes a difference.

  2. Angela Donava

    J’adore la lingerie, je trouve ça très joli!!!!!

    Angela Donava

  3. I love that you did a lingerie post. I agree completely that sometimes what you are wearing underneath makes all the difference in how you feel.

    PS. the little girls clothing and swimwear is just too cute!

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