It’s a Cinch!

It’s a wonder what a little (or big!) belt can do for an outfit. Especially with the latest trends for billowing and loose shapes, it is an optimal opportunity to explore the world of belts. Often valued only for its utilitarian purpose of holding your pants up, the belt is a powerful accessory that can accent a look or even act as the main accent! Try expanding your belt collection by adding different widths, from super skinny to cummerbund-wide, in a variety of shades, shapes and textures. There are many embellished belts with studding or eyelet cutouts that can really inject some fun into your otherwise bland outfit. I especially love the look of double wrap-around skinny belts over a long and flowing blouse or dress. Or of course there are plenty of belts embellished with bows, flowers, tassels, multistrands and branded hardware as well. Take a look:

It's a cinch

The key to pulling off a flattering cinch is to choose a belt width and placement that accentuates your figure. While the common leather belt is strapped around the hips, I prefer wearing my belts (skinny or wide) around the narrowest part of my waist to create that Audrey-Hepburn-slash-Marilyn-Monroe-esque hourglass figure, or at least attempt to! I find that adding a belt is especially helpful to me as I am not born with all the curves in the right places, so to speak! But adding a belt really carves out a waistline as well as a bustline! Win win! Here are two looks that I prefer “cinched”:

The next time you find your outfit looking a little dull or frumpy (maternity wear is only cute when you’ve got the accompanying baby belly!), try adding a belt ~ it’s a cinch!



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2 responses to “It’s a Cinch!

  1. jenny

    what pretty outfits! not to mention a beauty of a model 🙂

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