In Limbo

I find myself in a strange stage of life where “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” ~ wow, did I just quote Britney?! Well, everyone has their moments of inspiration! What I’m getting at is that I am “outgrowing” my youthful clothes yet I am not quite ready to step into the world of “adult-wear”. Regardless of age, every woman seems to go through such a phase, a phase where both hoodies and cardigan-sets seem silly. Well, I say we make the most of this limbo-period and use it as an opportunity to expand our fashion creativity. It is not about giving up outfits of your teen-twenties but rather about revising those looks; age-appropriate dressing is all a balancing act, not a “can/cannot list”. Therefore, I am not going to break down the outfits by age but rather by phases: “daring” to “in limbo” to “conservative” Here are some examples: (left column: daring / middle column: conservative / right column: in limbo)


Here’s the equation: daring + conservative ÷2 = in limbo! Actually a fabulous place to be when it comes to fashion!

Top row – THE DESIGN TOP: loud prints in skin-baring tank tops + classic prints with soft silhouettes ÷2 = don’t be afraid to stick with the tank but opt for shapes that loosely flow and drape. If loud graphic prints are too obnoxious to be comfortable, opt for subtler statements like a shimmery or sequined fabric.

2nd row – THE FITTED SKIRT: bold colored and curve-hugging mini skirt + knee-length pencil skirt in neutral shades ÷2 = you can still wear a short hemline but in order to raise the comfort quotient, look for a skirt that has pleating which will be more forgiving than a form fitting style; a slightly voluminous form will transform that sexy skirt into a sophisticated and more demure version but still maintain the flirty quality that your average work-skirt may lack.

3rd row – THE COLORED SHOE: Bright multi-colored skyscraper stiletto with stud/design details + black round-toed mary jane pumps ÷2 = if bold shoe colors seem frightening to incorporate into your wardrobe, try easing into it by experimenting with more subtle shades such as jewel tones (navy blue or ruby red). Navy blue shoes are surprisingly easy to coordinate into your everyday looks and it will add a special accent whereas your basic black pumps will simply blend in or may even look overly formal for your summer look.

4th row – THE NUDE DRESS: body-hugging, skin-toned strapless dress + creamy lace A-line dress ÷2 = cream tones can be very sexy (club-worthy) or very formal (church/chapel-worthy) and this depends largely on the silhouette. Instead of braving a strapless or playing it safe with a cap-sleeve, try half and half, literally! One shoulder dresses and tops are a great way to maintain a flirty and contemporary look without completely compromising comfort.

5th row – THE PEEP TOE PUMP: bandage mesh stilettos + suede pumps with ribbon detail and tiny peep toe ÷2 = a happy medium between strappy booties (which are not universally flattering as they tend to make legs look shorter than they are, especially in a color other than nude) and your average work-week peep toe pump would be a pair of stilettos that have a crossover design where the peep toe is accompanied by a couple other cut outs, making it more evening-appropriate.

These are only a handful of suggestions but feel free to email us for more in limbo ideas!

I truly believe that each stage is equally fabulous but they differ in attitude. The way I simplify it in my mind is: daring is in your face risk-taking, conservative is understated classics and in limbo is subtly flirty; but remember, it is true that sometimes less can be more. Here are some mainstream shops & premium designers that epitomize the three phases:

Daring: Forever XI, BEBE, Guess by MARCIANO, Herve Leger, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace

Conservative: Banana Republic, RW&CO, Jacob, Max Mara, Teenflo, Ralph Lauren, St. John

In Limbo: Club Monaco, Aritzia, Anthropologie, Zara, Derek Lam, Catherine Malandrino, Phillip Lim

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