Night & Day

We all live hectic lives where schedules are packed with a disarray of activities and appointments. For those days where you feel like you’re living out of your car, rushing from work to play and meeting to errand, the last thing you want to worry about is your wardrobe. But, Style Atelier is here to remind you that a busy schedule does not need to compromise your fabulous quotient! For days such as this, opt for outfits that can be easily tweaked with some minor adjustments. I always stash a couple pairs of shoes in a basket in my trunk that will take me through whatever the day has in store; I rotate between heels, flats, sandals or boots (depending on the season) on a regular basis. It is amazing how much difference a simple change of shoes and accessories (and hairstyle even) can make. To illustrate my point, here is an outfit that I wore during the day then modified with MINOR adjustments for an early evening dinner for which I did not have time to go home and change for:

Zebra by day…

Zebra by night…

Essentially the outfit remains the same but I was able to make the aura more evening appropriate by tucking in the top to my high-waisted trouser shorts, change of necklace and addition of bangles and ring then an instant heightening with a pair of red pumps, to “glamify” an otherwise the casual and flowy day look. The next time you need to make a quick adjustment from office-to-night, try:

1. changing into a sexier pair of pumps (and ditch the pantyhose!)

2. adjusting the “shape” of your top (eg. unbutton the collared shirt, roll up the sleeves, belt the skirt for a high-waisted look, or simply remove the blazer and let the silk camisole shine on its own)

3. add some sparkle with accessories like a bold statement necklace or earrings and a chunky cocktail ring for good measure!

I know many people carry a safety kit on board, why not add a fashion safety kit to your trunk or glove compartment as well! My kit contains: lotion (incase you want to change from trouser pants to a skirt or shorts before heading to after-work drinks on the patio), travel size perfume, hand sanitizer, lint brush, gum, makeup (eye liner, eyelash curler, lip gloss, compact, blotting papers), and like I said, I always have a pair of pumps and flats in my trunk. If I know I need to stay out for the day, I throw in a clutch and some appropriate jewelry too. Voila! Ooh, a good tip for those of you who “run” into pantyhose problems, pardon the pun, carry around a bottle of clear nail polish and dab some on the snag asap to temporarly prevent a major run before that critical office presentation. It’s like sealing a windshield crack, but much less expensive!

It’s wednesday afternoon at 3:30 and you just received a call from your boyfriend who says the gang is meeting at the wine bar a few blocks from your office! Don’t panic! With a little preparation, you can be ready for any last minute change of plans. What are your tricks and tips? We always love to hear your suggestions!


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