How old is too old?

I’d say I’m normally a pretty reserved and conservative person in my actions, speech, and choice of dress. But talk to my boyfriend and he’ll tell you I’m a kid (or baby) at heart which is why I get along so well with kids. So that leaves me to question… how old is too old? I never want to be too old to play on a playground or be silly or dress however I want to. Unfortunately, the older I get and the more responsibilities that come my way it seems to get harder and harder to just be carefree. Lately I really cherish those moments when my actions are pure and free and my laughter uncontrollable.

Cashmere sweater: Anthropologie; silk dress: Interlud from Purr Clothing; slip ons: Old Navy kids; beaded bib necklace: from Mealan; watch: Michael Kors

Happy Wednesday!!


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