Accessorize the Accessory

After gawking at the one-too-many accessories that I have piled on for the day, many of my friends often comment that they prefer to stay away from jewelry as they “don’t know how to accessorize”. To this I guffaw and simply state that there’s no “know-how” when it comes to sporting jewelry, just simply pile it on! Although it’s safe to stick with one metal, even that “rule” is not steadfast… but for those who are still weary when it comes to “throwing it on”, here is a tip to help you wear that latest sparkly acquisition of yours…

Try choosing the jewelry first (especially statement pieces) THEN pick the background outfit. For instance, I really wanted to sport this hand-cut Labradorite stone pendant from Stella & Dot’s latest fall collection (get yours here) and so I used it as my starting point to build my look around the piece. I stayed neutral with the color palette to highlight the stone’s earth tones and made sure my top was a simple canvas that would not compete with the pendant. From here, I added a few more pieces (one will never do for me!) to compliment and complete the look. What do you think?! Next time if you are unsure how to accessorize your look, try choosing the jewelry first and treat it as you would with an accent/focus wall/art in your home where you build around that particular piece of inspiration. Jewelry should complete your look not compete with it. If your top or dress has a busy neckline, opt for a pair of drop earrings or stick with a cocktail ring and give the necklace a rest. Or, enhance the tribal feel of that summer maxi dress with chunky bangles made of wood. Just remember, the power of jewelry goes a long way; you can instantly spice up a plain black ensemble with a long stranded necklace and avoid looking like a stagehand. There are so many selections of beautiful costume jewelry on the market today that for a nominal investment, you can really enhance your wardrobe without purchasing any new clothing items! Check out Forever 21 for cheap and funky designs (don’t expect it to last long but with the bargain prices you can experiment without fear!) or Banana Republic for a more serious but still very affordable investment. And of course, I highly recommend checking out Stella & Dot online OR contact me for information on where to attend a trunk show.

Fedora from Aritzia, sunglasses by Chanel, silk tank by DKNY, skirt from Zara, Blazer from Club Monaco, purse by Marc Jacobs, gold spiral bangle and pendant by Stella & Dot, oversized ribbon ring from Forever 21.


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5 responses to “Accessorize the Accessory

  1. I agree with your Accessorize the Accessory | Style Atelier, fantastic post.

  2. amazing look!!!love the blazer!!!!

  3. Great website! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am taking your feeds also

  4. Thanks all for your kind words!

  5. Julieta

    I was wondering if you would consider selling that necklace… I broke my moms and I’m looking everywhere to replace it but its so old its sold out.. Is there anyway you would consider selling it to me?

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