The man ring

There is renewed interest in fellow Canadian Ryan Gosling these days and it doesn’t involve his on-off-on and now very off ex-girlfriend (and also Canadian) Rachel McAdams. Crazy, Stupid, Love has women going gaga over his chiseled abs and good looks, but more than good looks and a good movie is Jacob Palmer’s wardrobe which is simply amazing. While I could write an entire post on his perfectly tailored suits and black sweater that has just the right amount of sheer, I want to steer away from suits to focus on jewellery for men. When I noticed Ryan Gosling’s character sporting a couple of sizeable baubles on his fingers throughout the movie, I was intrigued. Why don’t men wear more jewellery? I suppose there is a stigma of sorts attached to certain men who wear a particular style of jewellery, but just as the right necklace or earrings can add a level of refinement to a woman’s outfit, so can a man’s jewellery take the suave level up a notch or two.

As such, I take a cue from Jacob Palmer and introduce you to the man ring. Women wear right-hand rings and cocktail rings  in addition to engagement and wedding rings. There is no rule saying men can’t also wear fashion statement rings. When choosing a ring, I suggest you focus on simplicity, details, or overall “art” appeal. Also, experiment with which finger you sport the ring. A ring you might never wear can have a different feel worn as a pinky ring and vice versa.

Links of London 20/20 XL ring and Tiffany Paloma Zellige ring

Asos BLACK stainless steel ring and Louis Vuitton Stand By Me ring

David Yurman Petrvs Horse ring (similar to one worn by Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love) and Tiger’s Eye Chevron ring (also worn by Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love)


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11 responses to “The man ring

  1. David

    Hey thanks a lot! 🙂
    For some reason looking for “Crazy Stupid Love”‘s ring I came across this blog post.
    It’s a shame they are so expensive, but maybe I can get my “local jewelry” to make some stainless steel knock offs! Plus stainless steel to me looks a lot like silver and I don’t have a lot of money hanging on my finger as well hehe.

  2. E

    What I want to know is about the necklace he is wearing in the movie? Or something closely similar

  3. 1

    love ur post man keep it up! :)))

  4. jay

    What if the black sweater Ryan Gosling’s character is wearing in the bar scene? I’ve been looking for one sure over an year but no luck. Please help!!

  5. I carry the exact ring, and more thatRyan Gossling is wearing in the movie, “Crazy, Stupid, Love” at G. Thrapp Jewelers, It is by the designer David Yurman. And for the Record, it is not stainless steel. It is sterling silver with a tigers eye Inlay signet.

  6. Dave

    Hey Bro’s. The rings to be taken seriously in your consideration are by designer David Yurman. His stuff is not cheap. So if your cheap or looking for something cheap; dont waste your time. If you can appreciate awesome quality; this is it. Very strong masculine qualities in these pieces. Many different “looks.” Go online and check it. Bomb stuff IMHO.

  7. India phillips

    Where can I get this tigers eye ring from ?

  8. India phillips

    Hi I want one of these rings the one with the tigers eye how can I get one? Please email me back

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