Meet Angela

May I introduce myself…

…I’ve always found writing about MYSELF difficult and this “task” of telling the world who I am proves daunting. Where do I begin? I’ve racked my brain to remember that lightning-bolt-moment when I realized that I was in LOVE with fashion only to come up empty-handed. All I remember is that at THAT moment things like colour, design, and textile became BEAUTIFUL. I would watch Fashion Television and pour over magazines and the “OOHHs” and “AAHHs” escaped my lips unbeknownst to me.

Having worked with beautiful merchandise and pursuing fashion studies, my desire for a CREATIVE outlet was ignited. This is when my doppelganger decided to start her own fashion BLOG and invited me to join her in her ADVENTURE. So here I am, ready to tackle the fashion foray of the World Wide Web, one Louboutin at a time.

XOXO, Angela

8 responses to “Meet Angela

  1. WHYYYYYYY did it take me so long to visit your uh-mazing blog? i love it! i am adding to my blogroll. how are you doing? i miss you!!! i’m glad the tech world can keep us connected.

  2. Rahim

    Hey Angela, this site is awesome!!
    You have done just an amazing job and you look great in it!
    Looking forward to any new updates as they come.


  3. Esther

    How exciting! I really can see your passion for fashion. All your articles are inspiring and a great read! The pics are fantastic too. Keep up the great job!

  4. Lori

    Angela!! I never knew about this! What a great site 🙂

  5. Hi Angela!!!
    I didn’t get a chance to speak with you at the blogger meet up on Friday! Hopefully we will run into each other again soon. 🙂

    xo Ashley


      Hi!! I know, it’s too bad we didn’t get to chat! We will definitely need to “meet” officially next time. Take care!

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