Meet Nahri

Why hello there!

Welcome to my little space in the virtual universe….

I started this blog in lieu of making 2010 New Year’s Resolutions which never tend to last long! I decided that it was time to document some of the loves of my life ~ “loves” as in clothes, shoes, accessories, bags…you get the picture! My mission is to consciously build a fabulous wardrobe by sharing the process with the worldwide abyss (that’s you I guess!). My goal is to contemplatively add new pieces to my wardrobe and validate my choices by blogging about it. Wait, does this mean no more impulse-purchases?! Hmm…I highly doubt it!

Life is more beautiful when you look through rose-colored glasses and my particular spectacles are shaped by all things fashion! Now let’s see if I can share this technicolor view of the world…who knows, maybe I’ll even inspire a few people along the way. What is life if not inspirational? So please, indulge your desires with a piece of inspiration today…

XOXO, Nahri.


3 responses to “Meet Nahri

  1. David Chung

    wow you’re doin it nahri!! awesome! congrats and best of luck on your new venture…maybe you should help us men dress as well??

  2. Jenny

    inspire away! my closet could use a touch of your technicolored vision. i’m proud of you nahri and keep doing what you’re doing. it’s exciting to see!

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