Style |noun|:

1. a distinctive appearance; elegance, sophistication

2. what makes you happy, what makes you shine

Atelier |noun|:

1. a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer

2. our clients’ wardrobes, where we work to infuse  a little inspiration into their everyday looks

The SA Philosophy:

At Style Atelier, we have an ever-evolving definition of style. Style does not come in one static mould; it is something that emanates from every individual personality.

Our team works with you to create your own definition of style. Then we provide the tools to make you look and feel fabulous. Are you looking for an image makeover? Is your closet uninspiring? Do you have no time to shop? Is there a special event just around the corner? Or would you simply like some new & fresh ideas?

Let Style Atelier meet your needs; we are passionate about making you look your very best! Style and confidence starts from the inside and exudes on the outside!


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