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Loafin’ around

Two favorite things about this outfit post: loafers and the old library. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this is Memorial Park Library in Central Memorial Park (between 12th Avenue and 13th Avenue SW off 4th Street SW). It is the first purpose-built library in Alberta, opening its doors to Calgarians on January 2, 1912. Neat tidbit on this library: Andrew Carnegie funded 80% of the cost and encouraged City Hall to fund the rest. The library was closed when I got there, but I remember briefly visiting it a long time ago and what I recall is that it is just as beautiful inside as it is outside. I know most people don’t visit libraries much anymore, but they are neat places especially if it’s an old one so if you’re loafin’ around one afternoon I encourage you to check one out!

Speaking of loafing… I don’t know what it is about loafers, but I adore them. My mom always used to say I was weird for liking “granny-ish” shoes, but whether it’s the prep appeal, the tassels, the comfort, or all three elements, they definitely have a cool factor about them and I am excited to see them return with a vengeance this fall. They are the perfect alternative to ballet flats and can be worn with virtually everything. As with flats, it’s great to have a pair of loafers in basic black, but also look out for different leathers (supple calf vs structured patent), colours (camel, burgundy, chocolate brown), and texturing (faux croc, pebbled leather).

Blazer: Aritzia; silk top: Joe Fresh; shorts: Club Monaco; scarf: department store in Korea; loafers: Topshop; watch: Philip Stein; bracelets: Tiffany


Alexander Wang small heels, $495 Forever21 loafer shoes, $23 TopShop loafer shoes, $66 Cole Haan mocassin shoes, $198 Jeffrey Campbell leather flat shoes, $115 Sperry moccasin loafer, $90 Christian Dior flat slip on shoes, $550

Have a terrific weekend!



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It’s a jungle out there!

There are certain things that I am helplessly drawn to, mainly anything that sparkles and anything in animal print! And I am a lover of all the animals in the kingdom and I don’t discriminate ~ cheetah, leopard, zebra, snakeskin, you name it! Many people are hesitant about wearing such fun prints, especially after their twenties, ever since cougars got a bad rep! How unfortunate…! But honestly, once you embrace the joys of animal print, you will not turn back. Even the most basic tee becomes instantly chic with an animal injection, transforming your statement from bland to bold. There are so many rules and warnings that people associate with animal print (only small print sizes, neutral color, no print mixing…blah blah!) but I say toss those to the wind and do what feels great to you! The only thing I try to be conscious of is not to overkill the print. I am also a firm believer in juxtaposition; by nature, animal prints stand out and add a subtle sexiness to any outfit therefore I try to avoid anything overly form fitting or exposing. But then again, if that were a true and fast rule, we would not enjoy the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, I could go on…I think nothing says easy chic and sophisticated like a flowing silk zebra print top (see below for my current fave) accented with a colorful statement necklace (I mean, the print can’t have all the fame and glory!). Yes, it is true that you want to keep other pieces of your outfit on the simple side to offset the loud print but do not be too literal about this! As with any other print, funky and unexpected combinations and accessories can make an average outfit into an outstanding one so why not go wild?! (I couldn’t resist the pun…) Just because cheetahs and zebras aren’t friends in Africa, doesn’t mean they can’t coexist on your Thursday outfit! Rules and regulations are a snore, so have some fun with animal print and don’t take yourself too seriously. Do justice to your print by accompanying it with a fierce attitude!

Pictured above: silk zebra print top (Anthropologie) | faux fur vest (Korea) | cheetah print purse (Kate Spade) | red leather gloves (The Bay)

Pictured above: cheetah & lace print silk top (Nordstrom) | baby blue silk tank (Aritzia) | soft pink snakeskin scarf (Club Monaco) | double wrap watch strap in dusty rose (Philip Stein)

If you are just a cub when it comes to sporting animal-print, take baby steps by incorporating it into your wardrobe subtly in the form of accessories or even as the lining of a handbag or the trim of a jacket or a pair of shoes. Which reminds me! Here is the most fabulous pair of shoes that illustrates my point perfectly:

Christian Louboutin


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